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EqualX LaTeX Equation Editor

Make your next paper or presentation faster with EqualX. It is easy,intuitive, cool and assists you while you type your LaTeX equations.

In case you don't know LaTeX, its no problem. The Templates Toolbar provides common equations to choose from.

Another handy toolbar is the Symbols Toolbar. It was specifically arranged in smart groups so that you will never feel at a lost when looking for a symbol you don't know. Hover over the symbol and a tooltip will tell you more. Click it and it will be automatically inserted in the editor. Its easy!

All of the symbols presented in the Symbols Toolbar are also available in the editor. Just start typing and a completion menu appears with symbols to choose. The completion menu is great!

It is difficult to write equations and understand at a glance what you typed. That's the reason why EqualX has syntax highlighting. You can even highlight parts of the latex equation and after a Refresh the highlighted selection will also appear in the generated equation. Make use of this behaivour with the Find tool.

Besides, EqualX has support for exporting to most common used file types. And you can even load them back.

For more, see Features.

If you are ready, download EqualX for your system and try it out.

EqualX is a helpful graphical application to LaTeX programs intended for writing equations, but is not a full editor

EqualX gives you the power and beauty of TeX/LaTeX for writing equations. If you want to write an entire document, presentation, article in TeX/LaTeX, its best to use a full editor: