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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the name of application means (EqualX)?
Short Answear: Just look at EqualX logo or icon.
Long Answear: When I started the project I looked at other equation editors on the web and I got to the conclusion that all of them had some mathematical symbols in their application icon. So, following this ideea, the icon of my application must contain something about mathematics or equations, or formulas. Now, whats the simplest formula? Its y(x) = x. :)
Q: Is EqualX going to be a full LaTeX Editor?
No, Never. Its not the purpose of the application.
Q: Do you mind if I write you about how great I find EqualX?
No. I love it! This kind of emails makes me continue working on EqualX.
Q: I just installed version x.y.z and EqualX does not start (crash when starting). What can I do?
This might be because of the settings of previous EqualX version. You need to clear settings for the newest version.
On Windows:
Exit EqualX (if running)->Click Windows start menu->Type regedit->Hit Enter->Go to Edit->Find->type equalx->Hit Search-> Delete whole equalX key->Start EqualX
On Linux:
Exit EqualX (if running). Open a terminal->Type: rm .config/equalx/settings.conf. Hit Enter. Start EqualX
Q: EqualX complains about missing MSVCR110.dll
This happens on some Windows systems when you don not have a MSVCR library installed. Just install it from Microsoft
Q: Is it possible to run EqualX on Windows from an USB Flash?
I don't know. But EqualX wasn't designed to be used in this way. Probably, I will investigate this in a future version.
Q: I installed EqualX, write an equation but nothing happens (I don't see the equation rendered). What to do?
In general this happens when you don't have a Tex system installed - or EqualX doesn't find the required programs from the Tex system.
On Windows:
Install MikTex for your system. Launch again EqualX and if it still doesn't find the required programs, go to Edit->Preferences->Advanced. Click Browse to set point to the installation of programs: pdflatex and mgs.
On Linux:
You shouldn't meet any problems if you installed EqualX from packages provided by your distribution. Otherwise, contact the package maintener and let them know that equalx dependecies are not meet.
Q: When are you going to support Mac OS X?
Probably never. I don't have a Mac and so I can not test EqualX on this platform.
Q: There are more LaTeX symbols than those found in EqualX. Are you aware of this?
I am aware of this limitation and I'm sorry for those who need right now more symbols. A future version will provide a nice solution to have all symbols.
Q: I wish to be able to edit the equations from Templates Toolbar. What do you say?
A future version will provide a nice solution to do this.
Q: I wish to have X feature found in another similar Y application. What do you say?
A future version will provide a nice solution to do this.