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On GNU/Linux using source code

The source code must be compiled before you can run EqualX. Thus, check that your system meet all requirements before you begin to compile.


  1. gcc or Visual C compiler
  2. Qt5 development libraries, version > = 4.8.4 (recommended 5.2.1)
  3. XMP SDK or libexempi
EqualX needs TeXLive (pdflatex), ghostscript and pdftocairo to be already installed, in order to generate equations.

Compiling the source code

  1. Download the latest source code version.
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Open a terminal
  4. Change directory in terminal to the extracted directory (ex: $ cd equalx-02)
  5. In a terminal run the command
    qmake equalx.pro
    Now, qmake will automatically check if all requirements are meet and will generate a Makefile.
  6. Run make
  7. If all goes to plan, an executable "equalx" should be build. Run ./equalx

On Ubuntu using binary package

  1. Download the binary package.
  2. Double click it and install the package ( The package will automatically install itself, along with all requirements)

On MacOS using source code

Read the article from DownloadPlex.com
From Softpedia.com a description how to compile on Mac OS EqualX 0.50 Pre-Alpha

On Windows

Install MikTeX before installing EqualX using the EqualX Installer for Windows. After starting EqualX, the application may hang for a few seconds while MikTeX downloads esint and xcolor TeX packages;

Packaging Notes

On GNU/Linux

EqualX has a problem finding the required symbols and for this reason a preprocessor variable is used and defined in defines.h, called SYMBOLS_PATH. Modify this according to your need so that it points to the installation of the files under the source tree equalx/resources/symbols.

For the moment this is an inconvenience, but in the future I plan to make the Symbols Toolbar & Templates Toolbar fully customisable by the users. So didn't gave it much thought for the moment.If you got ideeas, let me know.